Our Tiny House Inspiration

We wanted to share with you some of the features that have inspired and driven us to design our tiny house the way that we have.  We’ve been looking at countless video walk throughs and pictures online and Pinterest.  These are some of the things that we’ve settled on.  Take a browse and comment about the features you like!


Top: We were floored by the Tiny House Basics reveal on Tiny House Nation with their accordion style window.  This was a feature that we’ve essentially designed our house around as well as the extended countertop. Bottom Left: We’ve thought about a lot of different stair designs, from full stairs to spiral staircases.  We’ve settled on an alternating tread staircase which dramatically shortens the footprint, but gives you the feel of traditional steps. Bottom Right: About last weekend we changed the design one last time, we hope, to have the bathroom be parallel to the kitchen counter. It’ll look something like this in style.


Left: We’ve admired the look of the farm house style, ceramic sink to the point-it’s a must have for us! Right: This is another view of how the kitchen/bathroom will look.


Left & Center: This beautiful bathing device is what made us update our design immediately.  We loved how cozy the bathroom looked, but how luxurious the tub feature is.  Right: This is a view down from the main sleeping loft.  We’re making that same built in sofa with those moveable ottomans that store under the bench.  They can be used as extra seating, make a lounge chair, or be a day/guest bed.  All while being extra storage themselves!


Left Simply some loft inspiration. Center & Right:  We’re going to closely mirror their loft design and get a mattress that maximizes headroom and comfort! This is the Nature’s Head composting toilet that we plan on going with.  Huge hit in the tiny house community, so we’re leaning recommendations of all the people that have gone before us in this adventure.

Keep an eye out as we post more updates on our build status to see if you can pick out these features!!

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